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For Blood Brother and the 2013 Sundance Film Festival: Salt Lake Magazine, Variety Magazine, ASCAP Composer Spotlight at Sundance

"…majestic electric cello weaving itself throughout well-worn melodies with a heavy, unique style and virtuouso flair…In establishing a synergy between that which is rare and that which is commonplace, Wytold achieves timelessness." - Marcus Dowling, On Tap Magazine, Washington, DC

"One of our favorite DC musicians…" - The Pink Line Project, Washington, DC

"…deep, complex and melodic renditions…"- Robert Fulton, Washington Examiner, Washington, DC

"…cello played in a whole new way…" - Strathmore News, Bethesda, MD

"…like no Christmas album I've ever heard…The folksy sound made me picture a traditional holiday setting but the pace of the album made it feel like I was conquering adversity…excellent!" - Alan J. Duckworth, The Rogers Revue

"…big things are expected of Wytold, an unusual musician who manages to make the cello sound cutting-edge cool…The result is something that often approaches jaw-dropping beauty, while also sounding like it could be part of the score to a David Lynch film… Wytold manages to infuse his all-instrumental compositions with plenty of bounce and light. This is an original, captivating album by a local musician who is bound for stages beyond Washington, DC." - Michael Coleman, On Tap Magazine, Washington, DC

"…American cellist Wytold…takes the cello and brings into the modern age…there is also a definite dialogue going on between the two cellos, tradition versus the future, and I don't think there is an easy winner. Wytold is a very deft musician, juggling the two sounds, mixing and merging them into something uniquely different…This is an album of sonic exploration as much as it is an album of music and it is encouraging to see someone with a vision of the cello in the future. Excellent album and highly recommended."- John M. Peters, The Borderland, UK